Even though active addiction and recovery have some things in common, they are very different in many ways. For instance, people can learn from both. Both active addiction and recovery are selfish in their own ways. Active addiction and recovery are based on the same disease and symptoms.  Another way that they are similar is that people have to be willing to do footwork and get help from other people. Active addiction and active recovery have many similarities, but the results are vastly different.
In active addiction people are learning how to get more, and more ways to use drugs. It seems like you can never have enough drugs and you are never satisfied with what you got have; because of that people are always looking for new ways to get higher than they ever have been. On the other hand in recovery people are learning how to live life on life’s terms without the use of drugs. People are willing to go to any length to get and stay clean and sober. When first coming into recovery people are telling people that as long as you are willing to go to any lengths to stay clean and sober you are ready to take the next step.
People want everything for themselves without giving anything back. In active addiction people just want everything given to them and if they don’t get it given to them they will take it in one way or another. They will steal something from someone then help them look for it knowing that they won’t find it.
People want recovery so fast that they try to take it, and don’t end up giving back until they find out what recovery is really about. There are people that enter the room of Narcotics Anonymous that want recovery so bad that they are willing to do anything to get it. There are also, those who enter the rooms that don’t care. They are just there because the courts tell them that they have to be there.  Those that are forced to be there by the courts turn out to be some of the best people in recovery and end up staying in the rooms to help other people when they walk in the doors of the room of Narcotics Anonymous.
When in active addiction people are in the grip of their disease. After the disease of addiction hits a person it is too late to do anything about it and the more people try to help them to quit the more the person will resist. However, when in recovery people’s disease is arrested. The disease of addiction is a progressive and fatal disease which there is no known cure for, but it can however be arrested at some point and recovery is them possible.
In active addiction people have to do footwork to get their drugs. People in active addiction do a lot of footwork. They have to find their drugs, come up with the money to pay for them, or steel for them. I’ve seen many people that would go to any lengths to get their drugs. However, in recovery people have to do the footwork to take care of the wreckage of their past. In recovery people have to be willing, open-minded, and willing to go to any lengths to get recovery. The best way to think of this is, go for your recovery like you did your addiction.
People need other people in active addiction to get their drugs for them and teach them how to use them in different ways. People don’t just wake up one morning and become addicts. Most people are taught in one way or another how to use drugs and the longer a person uses, the more ways they learn how to use them. On the other hand, people need help to learn how to work a good strong program. A person in recovery usually needs a sponsor to help them to work through the program of Narcotics Anonymous. Just as in active addiction people need other people to teach them how to use in different ways,  in recovery people need other people who came in years before them to teach them how to live life without the use of drugs.
People use drugs to numb themselves for one reason or another. They don’t know how to live life on life’s terms, so they find an experienced member of Narcotics Anonymous to help them along the way and show them that they never have to use drugs again even if they want to. The results of each person are very different no two people work the program exactly the same.