One may struggle with patient acceptance and faith because they did not see their will fulfilled. All those desires and expectations that never arose led to a breakdown a trust. Because one sought their own will they only created beginnings but never emerged beyond because of this focus on self. Often it was fear too that kept one from going beyond just a beginning, a fear of this, a fear of that, a fear of everything in between. Decisions, relationships, everything, life itself, operated under fear. As a result, growth was stunted, dreams turned to nightmares, hope turned to despair. With selfishness life is a struggle for survival, when self will is transformed and transfigured to faith, one is not in fight for survival any longer but life begins to flow more gently and gracefully, problems become more manageable, life is no longer a task, it is no longer dreaded or avoided. We no longer run away from life but towards it.
-Dan L. Edmunds, Ed.D, DAPA, CAADC


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