Life often presents challenges. A series of punches we call hardship. They are like a hurricane. As in we never see it coming. We never ask for it. And hope it will never happen to us. Hardships can hit us in all directions, devastating our life. They might take away our health, but know it cannot take our Heart. It can take our money, but it cannot take away our Faith. It may take a house but cannot take away Love. Yes hardship will cause stress, resentment and fear, but it cannot take away our Spirit. Just when you think hardship has us defeated and down for the count we suddenly find strength that we didn’t think we had and we take it head on. Just when we believe we cannot hang on a second longer we suddenly realize With-in that everything is going to be ok. The truth is hardships are just gateways that lead us to a new beginnings. Strange as it may sound hardship makes us into stronger and better people. So when you get into a tight spot and everything seems against you, never give up; grab the end of your rope tie a knot and don’t let go. With hardship one thing is certain when we come out of the storm, we are not same person who walked in. Even in hardship goodness prevails. And best of all we have a story to tell to help others.


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