Prescription Drugs to Heroin

When we talked about the rapid spread of opioid addiction, we stated that many of those who abuse prescription drugs will eventually wind up hooked on heroin. This is not true of all prescription drug addicts, but certainly a fair number of them. Even so, we recognize that some might believe this claim to be … Continued

At Amethyst Recovery, we very much believe that recovery is a group effort. Not just in the sense of the other addicts and alcoholics that our patients will meet if they stay in our sober living facilities, but also in terms of the friends and family that the patient knew before entering treatment to begin … Continued

Addiction takes time. It takes time to develop as the addict goes through the stages of the Jellinek Curve that lead toward the inevitable downward spiral. It takes time to recognize, as some signs of addiction will not show as immediately as others. And more than anything, it takes time to heal. It can be … Continued

We’ve spoken at length in the past about addicts and alcoholics with legal issues, and we’ve made copious mentions of the fact that those who commit drug-related offenses are sometimes asked to seek addiction treatment in lieu of a prison sentence. Those who do not understand the disease of addiction might be inclined to believe … Continued

Addiction recovery can be a nerve-racking ordeal for everyone involved. As the addict or alcoholic is attempting to accommodate a new, substance-free way of life, the family and friends find themselves struggling to maintain cautious optimism. Not only can it be hard for them to trust a person who has hurt them in the past, … Continued

We’ve previously written a guide to staying sober over the holidays, with a number of suggestions. However, with Thanksgiving and most December holidays behind us, many of these suggestions are now moot. We now approach New Year’s Eve, one of the biggest drinking nights of the year. And as unfortunate as this is to say, … Continued


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