​For folks looking for treatment for Medi-Cal clients in California…Medi-Cal does not (yet) pay for detox/residential treatment. Funding from the Federal and state level is channeled straight into the counties, and the counties decide how to spend it. For LA County, for example, they have contracts with certain providers that pay for a low income and/or indigent client’s stay in detox and/or residential, until Medi-Cal expansion continues next year by covering these needs. This is how it is in most of the larger/wealthier counties. In some of the smaller/poorer counties, they may disperse funding differently or just not have much to begin with. If a client is living with family or couch-surfing, the can be considered indigent and if one of the places they’ve been staying is LA County, they can use that address and qualify for a bed in an LA County facility. For those of you unfamiliar with the nonprofit world, these facilities often have long waiting lists. Your client may be required to call daily until a bed becomes available. Many of these programs provide excellent treatment–fewer Master’s and PhD level providers, but the counselors will be certified and most likely dedicated and passionate about their work.


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