MHSUDS: Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Services

The three divisions below comprise MHSUDS:

1.  MHSD – Mental Health Services Division

MHSD administers a number of mental health programs for Children and Youth, Adults, and Older Adults.
Individuals seeking non-crisis, general Mental Health Services or information should contact their County Mental Health Department or go to the INDIVIDUALS page.
Providers or those interested in becoming Mental Health providers will find information on the PROVIDERS & PARTNERS page.

2.  SUD Compliance Division

The Substance Use Disorder Compliance Division (SUDCD) focuses on compliance with State and Federal statute, regulations, and other governing requirements.  SUDCD oversees licensing and certification functions, monitoring, and complaints for Driving-Under-the-Influence Programs, Narcotic Treatment Programs, and outpatient and residential providers.  SUDCD also oversees conducts complaint investigations on certified Alcohol and Other Drug counselors.  SUDCD is also responsible for implementing the Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System.  The Division also ensures compliance with the statewide criminal justice treatment programs and counselor certification.

3. Substance Use Disorder-Program, Policy and Fiscal Division 

The Substance Use Disorder-Program, Policy and Fiscal Division (SUD-PPFD) directs prevention and treatment programs that address substance use disorders (SUD). Its core functions include developing and implementing SUD prevention strategies, reviewing and approving county SUD treatment program contracts, and granting applications submitted for state and federal funds for SUD services.
Individuals seeking information about SUD services will find it located on the INDIVIDUALS page.
Providers or those interested in becoming SUD providers will find information on the PROVIDERS & PARTNERS page.

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