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Sessions: Memoirs of a Psychotherapist

Dr. Addy Conrad, psychologist, encounters the ethical minefield common to private practice. Susan, a professional and mother with whom Addy identifies, is torn by a traumatic childhood. But Susan is more complex than what originally met the eye, having colorful interior personalities, and one tragic disclosure plants Addy squarely in a quandary. Her peak challenge, though, is Michael, a striking but narcissistic surgeon, who finally discards his emotional hide-and-seek to disclose his raw pain. At times, Addy waivers under his seduction, especially as her own marriage falters. She warms to Michael as he reveals his vulnerable, undone psyche. His flirting is intermingled with genuine therapeutic work, leaving Addy swaying, as if on a precarious high wire. A serpentine client, Carmen, reeking of cigarettes, snags Addy’s old memories of her mother’s death by cancer. Countertransference—where the therapist projects someone onto the client—grips her. A beloved former professor helps her disentangle her own unprocessed feelings from that of Carmen’s. Dr. Conrad courts a growing unease for her friend, Dr. Sebastian Courtney, her intellectual idol. After working with his first severely abused client, he suffers from night terrors. She intuits that he is in danger beyond what he is disclosing. He has, in fact, slipped into secondary post traumatic stress disorder–taking on the pain and symptoms of his client. In a risky gambit, and partly blinded by her own attachment to him, she takes matters into her own hands. A testament to the human spirit, Sessions: Memoirs of a Psychotherapist, will challenge as much as it entertains you.

“Sessions: Memoirs of a Psychotherapist by Kathryn Foster, PH.D. is an insightful read with characters that literally jump off the page and draw you into their world of chaos. Reading this book was like being there in the office, in the park, in the home of the main character, Addy, as the lives of her clients were revealed and healed through introspection. Through the character of Addy, the author gives us a peek into her own life as a professional, providing a better understanding of the work involved in helping others delve deep into their own minds to uncover and heal a painful past. After reading Sessions, I have learned a few lessons on improving family relationships and being true to self.

Looking at the title, I thought Sessions: Memoirs of a Psychotherapist was going to be filled with boring clinical jargon, but I was pleasantly surprised. The story begins with the dauntingly handsome protagonist “Michael” and I was hooked right away. By the end of the book, I was cheering for him. I enjoyed the excellent dialogue between her characters from various walks of life; it was like watching a movie in my mind’s eye; a definite page turner. Dr. Kathryn Foster delivered a very well written story that will awaken your senses. Full of suspense, drama, hidden desires, obsessions and death – it’s all in this book. There were many moments while reading when I laughed out loud, shed a few tears, and felt genuinely attached to each character, especially Charlie, as they worked through their internal turmoil. I also have a newfound respect for the practitioners of psychotherapy. Kudos to the author for a job well done, I’m your newest fan. “Life is made up of small choices.”” -Elise Towner for Readers’ Favorite

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